As a homeowner, you may have a lengthy list of all the new items you need to make your home an enjoyable one. You might shop for new furniture, televisions, and grills. However, you might not immediately think about tools, since you’ll likely need them for maintenance purposes.

Having a few essentials in your toolbox can help you make these repairs yourself, saving you money. Try to avoid skimping on tools and invest in better brands, especially if you plan to use the tools for many years.

Cordless drill. You can use a multipurpose, battery-powered drill for a large number of tasks. Purchase a good selection of drill and driver bits so you have all types of tasks covered.

Tape measure. A retractable and lockable tape measure is the perfect tool for measuring just about anything. It’s best to have one that’s at least 25 feet long in case you need to measure a room’s square footage.

Adjustable crescent wrench. You can get away without a full set of wrenches with an adjustable crescent wrench. Adjust its jaws to fit nuts and bolts of varying sizes.

Hammer. It’s best to have two hammers, one lightweight and one heavyweight. The size of the hammer should correspond with the size of the nail.

Getting a well-stocked toolbox is a smart investment and can help you save money in the future. Head out to your home improvement store, and pick up a few of these basic tools to get yourself started.