4 Best Spreadsheet Hacks You Need To Know

If you’re someone who works with large amounts of data, it might be overwhelming to try to keep track of everything. That’s where spreadsheets come into play. One of the most popular and universal tools is Microsoft Excel, which recently celebrated its 35th birthday.

No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced user of spreadsheets, you can benefit by learning more about four Excel spreadsheet hacks.

Select all cells. If you need to reformat your font or make a sweeping change, you might already know you can click Ctrl + A, but you can also click on the square in the upper left-hand corner to select all the cells. It will also select all the empty cells.

Shift between different cell files. When you have different spreadsheets open, you might find it frustrating to move from one to the other, especially if working on the wrong file can ruin everything. Use Ctrl + Tab to freely shift between different files.

Add a diagonal line to a cell. If your file has an address list, you might benefit from using diagonals to separate different attributes between rows and columns. Click on Home, Font, and Borders. In Borders, you’ll find More Borders, which gives you an option to make a diagonal line.

Use a single quote mark to signal zero. When you have an input that starts with zero, Excel will delete the zero by default. You can easily fix this problem by placing a single quotation mark ahead of the zero.

Excel is a helpful tool that allows you to compile information in an organized fashion. Becoming familiar with some Excel tips can help you quickly analyze information and be more productive.

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